I got a fantastic email from Australian Artist Terry Ffyffe.  It was in response to my interview with British Art Dealer Diana Krilova.  

Diana decided that after struggling to keep her London gallery financially afloat, she would change her business model to make it more artist-friendly.  Consequently, her gallery is thriving.

Yet, I'm especially proud of this quick email that Ffyffe sent to me.  THIS is precisely why I had to do that interview with Diana.

Here's what Terry says ...


Dear Michael,

I owe you a great deal of thanks. After reading your interview with Diana Krilova, I went to see her gallery and decided to hold my own show opening on 15th September 2016.  The World Premier of Cosmic Art. This has helped me forward as I had been waiting on several gallery dealers to come and see the new work. I will now enlist dealers to work for me rather than the other way round.

Keep up the great work Michael! You are making a difference.

Best regards,


I love that.  And by the way, it's NOT about me or even ArtBookGuy.  It's really all about waking artists up and helping them to see and then assume their own personal power and then DO SOMETHING.  

And one final thing. After I got Terry's consent to publish part of his email, he added this about Diana's new business model and his decision to exhibit in her gallery ...

"... Actually it is the way forward I think, but we will have to deal with dealers egos. They might not like it, yet truly speaking, they have nothing to lose ..."

Here's a big thanks to Terry.  I hope his show sells out and I also hope this will serve as inspiration for BOTH artists and galleries.  Let's keep art galleries alive, let's help artists show and sell their work AND let's help everyday people understand contemporary art and do what we can to make it accessible to them.





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