This is just some email that I get from time to time from readers.  A little positive energy is always nice.

* Excellent article. Finally someone said it!!  -Susan Kerr-Horse on Linkedin about essay, “Why I Hate Some Art Writing.

* I love this.  Finally someone from the art world with the guts to point out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes! The common person on the street, however, knew it all along. -Robert Bailey on Linkedin about essay, “Why I Hate Some Art Writing.

* From Deanna Chafin on Facebook: I think what you've done for us over the years has been great. Can't tell you how many times I've heard from people who said they've never gone to an art gallery because they just assumed they could never afford the work. Opening their minds to supporting those of us who offer affordable pieces has helped immensely.  Deanna Chafin

* Hi Michael, Thanks for the invitation to be a part of your network. You certainly have donated a lot of time to bringing awareness of the unique quality of the arts and their impact on all people. Keep going! Renee Harris 

* Hello Michael, Thank you for your advice. I had a look on your website and notice that you are helping upcoming artists. We need people like you believing in artists. Regards, Christine Bleny

* Hi Michael, I was checking out your site and found it down to earth and informative. Welcome aboard. Perhaps you can give me a few suggestions on how an artistic temperament can thrive in this present century... Cheers, Ina Puchala

* Thank you, Michael, for asking me to join your network. I am impressed with all that you have been able to accomplish for the art community - artists and collectors, writers and publishers, and everyone in between. Congrats on your much earned success. If you have an opportunity, I would appreciate your honest comments on my work
Wishing you all the best, Cyndy

* Hi Michael, Thanks for adding me to your network. I listened to the interview you did, about your book, and I agree strongly. I like your approach on not having to know everything about the artwork to enjoy it, as with a meal. Same is with artists. Trying to please collectors/buyers in the need to sell might get us out of our own track - and that is the only way forward, to follow our own track: turning inside, finding the messages there. Every age has its own inside voice and over the years, we became "a whole choir", if we trust the voices from inside, either being a collector or an artist.. Just wanted to say hello, wishing you the best with this good work! Elly Prestegaard

* Hi Michael, If you are ever on the central coast of California, come visit me at the Seaside Gallery in Pismo Beach. It's a nice little gallery with wonderful, hardworking owners trying to promote quaility art work in this quaint beach town. Karen Peterson 

* Hi Michael! Really nice to meet you! Your website is very interesting, and you are a very interesting person! I like your "My paintings are like old friends. They're always there. They're great, they're expressive, they nourish me and they challenge me." Here is mine: "A painting on the wall as a window into another world. It makes the room such big as you can only imagine." Kind Regards, Olga Chertova