Last week, I was chatting with my barber while getting my haircut.

As you well know, barbershops and beauty salons are places where conversations flow like lava from the latest killer volcano.

Needless to say, we were chatting up politics and what's happening in our nation and the world today. My barber told me that customers and even fellow barbers often complain about the state of things only to hear these very same people say they do not vote and don't plan to vote.

This amazes and saddens me because somehow, we seem to have lost our way as a nation. We have become so entitled and accustomed to democracy and freedom that we totally take them for granted. We think they can be sustained on auto pilot.

Freedom was hard won, but it can also be easily lost.

I've also spoken with many people who complain about our political landscape. I can almost see the heat and smoke spewing from their ears like that volcano while they're talking about the latest scandal here or there. And then, I say ... 

"So ... it sounds to me like you can't wait to vote!"

And that's when they lower the boom …

"No, I'm not going to bother," they say. "It's a waste of time!"

Are you serious? For the life of me, I cannot figure out how these people have become so spoiled.

They're perfectly fine with complaining, getting upset and wasting my time (and my barber's time) talking about issues they're not even remotely inclined to even try to address in ways accessible to them. I simply do not understand how they can't - or won't - see a connection between the state of our world and their own lack of action.

So, here's my question …

Do people have a right to complain and yet do nothing? Yes, but do we have to listen? NO!


If you're not planning to vote, please don't waste our time griping and moaning about something that's well within your power to address. Speak up in a way that really matters. Vote! 

Voting is the most important way that we can all help preserve our freedom and democracy. Period.

There have been numerous instances in contemporary American politics where literally a handful of votes have made the difference between who gets elected and who goes back to their day job. Look them up for yourself. Oops, sorry. I forgot. If you're not a voter, you're also probably not very inclined to do much research on anything. 

My bad.

I mean, let's be real here. Aren't YOU tired of getting nothing but hot air from other people who moan and groan and yet do NOTHING? If you complain yet don't vote, aren't you exhausted from constantly blowing smoke?

Enough! It really is time for you people - yes, "you people" - to stop wasting our time and get out there and vote. If you're dissatisfied, get registered and then, vote.

Of course, voting doesn't mean things will go YOUR way. We don't always get what WE want, but that's how things work in the adult world. Welcome to real life. This is not Netflix.

If you vote, at least you empowered yourself and took action. Isn't THAT the whole point? At the end of the day, WE are the ones with the power. I know the couch is comfortable, but neither democracy nor tomorrow are guaranteed.

Finally, freedom means we can vote for whomever we choose. You can vote for Donald Duck if you want, but hopefully you'll be much smarter than that.

In short, people are tired of hearing you complain.