Wanna check out some cool artist videos?  Here are a few randomly selected ones.  Videos include artist exhibitions, installations and conceptual videos.  


Sheldon Krevit In The Studio

Laura Iniesta: "Seny i Rauxa" - Murals In Shanghai

Stephen Watson: Watch Your Step

iPad Artist Copies Old Masterworks

Marcus Robinson's Video Of WTC Ground Zero 

Jorge Usan: The Making Of Exalatitte

Venice Biennale 2013

Ian Gamache: Ian's World

Olivier Valsecchi: Dust

Wolfgang Stiller: Matchstick Men

Robert C. Jackson: Dinosaur Feeding Frenzy

Voice Of Death: Violetta Jara

Jordan Eagles: Blood Work 2012

Yun-Woo Choi: Volume Black 

Jan Wurm: Undressed, Stripped, Bare

Allan Gorman: sTRUCKtures

Joel Armstrong: Garage Sale

Daniel Rothbart: Various Videos

Rollin Leonard: Rearrangements-Pig Pile

Rollin Leonard: Rearrangements-Bicycle Crash

Thomas Reinhold: Enchanté

Thomas Reinhold: Boxing Day

Carole Feuerman: Various Videos

Todd Ford: Painting Timelapse

Andrew Wilkinson: Various Videos

Roman Serra: The Art Of Roman Serra

Mark Acetelli: Inside the Studio 2010

Jon Prothero: Omni Dimensionalism

David Symons: I See Red And Other Photographs 

Roberto Mognier: Abstract & Figurative Expressionism 

Joshua Von Nonn: 2011 

Jordan Eagles: Works In Blood & Resin 

Paul Megens: 4 Minutes In The Ex-Shop 

Christopher Stott: New Paintings 2010 

Ken Cadwallader: Time Lapse Painting  

Alberto Oliveira: Esculpindo o Silencio 

Mathieu Laca Masques

MOMA Paintings April 2010

Guggenheim on YouTube

Art Students League of NY

Ellen Fisch Photography: Harlem

Matthew Beall Artist In Residence 

Mathieu Laca: Sur le vif