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It's the buzzword of the moment.

Our motivation is the very reason why it'll continue to elude us because we're not ready.  We are simply not ready.  Will we ever be?
I've read article after article about how the tech world and businesses are hungry for it.  They need it to appear viable if not vital.  What am I talking about?
We're treating content like it's this mysterious commodity.  We think it's the silver bullet that we can use to kill failure and give birth to success.  Yet content is like that little old lady who taps on your shoulder in Starbucks, but you're too preoccupied with your hand-held device to respond to the fact that she wants to give you back the wallet that just fell out of your pocket.
Not only does that little old lady have your wallet, but she's got a wealth of experience and material at her delicate fingertips, but who has time for her?
And so, it's the same old story.  We'll go and go and go, wondering, "Where is it?" "Where can we find this content?"  We won't be content until we get some content.  "Who has it?  Do you?  How much do you want for it?  Better yet, can we have it for FREE?"  Everybody wants something for nothing.  That includes content.
That's where we are right now.
Wanna hear a secret?  The world is content.  Your life is content.  Nothing but.  The issue is that you must be connected to your own spirit and know yourself to manifest it virtually ... or in actuality.  You must be able to tap into your own creativity.  You must acknowledge and respect creativity.  Too few of us do that.  We cannot have content and treat the process like used toiletpaper.
Content has NEVER been a problem for creative people - visual artists, writers, craftsman and others have to actually be stopped from creating.  For them, content is breathing.  Creatives are vessels for content.  Granted, not all creation is necessarily worthy of a standing ovation, but in the end, it's all so subjective.  What appeals to you may not move the next person in any appreciable way.  Hey, but it's content.  No?
Our society is starving for meaning, truth and warmth ... in another word, content.  However,  at the same time, we're obsessed with glitz, glamour and smoke and mirrors and things that ultimately do not deliver.  You will know them by their deeds.
Content is everywhere and it's inescapable.  It's the air we breathe, the blood coursing through our veins, the water that flows through your kitchen faucet, the fire that leaps from a barbecue pit, the passion that burns in your heart and the multitude of things that catch our glance but are ignored by our attention.
We cannot go on like this ... wanting content, yet disrespecting the process by which content is made and lives.  We're perpetuating a fraud.  We're playing charades with what really matters.  We think that we can create content only for the purpose of profit and still we find ourselves stuck in spiritual poverty. 
We don't respect content.  How do I know that?  Because we don't respect arts education.  We kicked that to the curb decades ago.  We don't respect content because we don't respect the humanities.  We don't respect content because we don't respect liberal arts.  We're now finding that all of the things that we thought we didn't need in this high tech world are the very things needed to feed, nourish and supply it.
I once heard someone say that the reason why society never truly improves is because we have no memory nor do we respect what has come before us.  In other words, we throw away the most important content of all.  The past.  We ditch it in our arrogance because we think it has no relevance to our lives today and lo and behold, it's the very fiber that's holding everything together.
Do you know what we need to do?  We need to stop and breathe.  We need to get still for long enough to ask ourselves WHY we're doing what we're doing.  If we stop and breathe, the content will come ... along with contentment.

Yes, content is breathing ... breathing is content.  When you become aware of this, you develop this sudden awareness of and respect for everything around you.  Even vile things are content.  SEE them.  LIVE a REAL life.  Real life feeds virtual life.  Not the other way around.
I kid you not.  While typing these words and sitting on my back patio, a robin landed on a tree branch in front of me and took a big dump.  Yuck.  It's gone now.  But guess what?  That silly, little, yet treasured few seconds gave me some content.  Now, I'm passing it on to you!  With all due respect.  Please forgive the crappy illustration, but it did just happen.
What am I saying here?  Gee, I don't know.  You caught me in one of my moments.  All I know is that I'm NEVER at a loss for content.  Content is in my dreams.  In fact, I had the word "content" on the brain when I woke up this morning.  Now, here I am sharing my dream – and content - with you.  It comes and goes with every breath, but like energy, is never destroyed.
So much content, so little time. 

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