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5 star(s) review by Ruth Mitchell 12/09

Michael K. Corbin in his book "The Art of Everyday Joe," asks the question what is art? Corbin, an avid collector of contemporary art, says if we want more people to appreciate art, shouldn't we (especially artists) be able to define it? With that in mind here is his particular answer: "Art is the nearly perfect physical evidence of creative vision and expression. Art should remind us of man's limitless potential. It should move us intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and perhaps even physically. Once complete, art should be able to stand on its own as a testament to its creator as well as to the humanity of all who see it.

This is a pretty lofty goal set for art, but I agree with him to a great extent. I would take out the "should," and say if it is "art it does...move us in at least one facet of his description whether , intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and yes even physically. The more facets the art hits on your psyche, I'd say the better it is. For after all, there are degrees of quality to art. Bottom line, if it moves us, even if we "don't get it." It makes us "want to get it." It gets our juices flowing, sometimes juices we didn't even know we had.

Corbin's writing style is personable, interactive and friendly. You feel like you are having a conversation with him, and thus the title rings true. Do I suggest you spend the $29.95 to get a copy of the book? Yes, I do. If you are not a collector now, this book will set you out on a journey.

Michael K. Corbin's book, "The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal," is available through It would make a great gift for the collector in your home. review by Kam Aures 7/09

"The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal" by Michael K. Corbin is a very down-to-earth book about contemporary art.  I by no means consider myself to be an artist. I am also not an art collector, unless you count collecting the masterpieces that my children paint.  However, I do enjoy looking at art.  My sons and I make quite a few trips to the museum to look at various exhibits and participate in the art museum's activities.

Michael Corbin's book is a book for people like me: average, everyday people who are interested in art.  In the introduction to the book, he states: "Oh, even if you are not an art lover, start here and now. Everyone appreciates art. They just need a little confidence.  Invite art into your life! Let it take you over. You won't be sorry. You can have your own personal relationship with art. All you need is curiosity, desire, goodwill, and a willingness to travel." (p. ix)

The writing in the book is easy to understand and completely relatable. Corbin presents us with a series of essays, intermixed with pictures of various pieces of art from his own collection. The essays vary quite widely in subject matter, but all have the same purpose of showing us that art is everywhere.

I think that "The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal" will appeal to a wide audience. It is definitely not a stuffy book, nor is it intimidating as some books on the subject tend to be. It is a book for the common person who is interested in art and I believe that anyone even remotely interested in the topic will enjoy this book!

ReviewtheBook.Com review by Lauri Coates 7/04/09

The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal ... I've always enjoyed art books, but often felt they were not written for the regular guy or gal on the street.  You know, those of us who can't afford the masterpieces, but have a great appreciation of the beauty, individuality and charm of all medium of art work.

Lots of great art, lots of great detail, and a totally enjoyable read.  I have a new appreciation of art as a whole, and will view many pieces with a new eye.  Anyone new to the art world, or anyone intimidated by the style often used to review and describe art will find this guide invaluable.  It's going on my keeper shelf, for sure.

Metro Spirit 5 star(s)


Metro Spirit review by J. Edward Sumerau 7/02/08

AUGUSTA, GA - In a crisp, well-written, and beautifully illustrated work, art collector Michael K. Corbin offers a fresh look at the wonder of artistic collection. With the publication of "The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal," Corbin offers a stunning foray into the contemporary artistic landscape with a keen focus on the joys of art for all the world.

An avid collector himself, Michael K. Corbin takes his love of art into the world of communication with this work. Being a follow-up to his "Art in King Size Beds: A Collector's Journal," this work serves to introduce the average person to the wonderful world of art. A full-time journalist in both print and broadcast media, Corbin has been showcased on various websites including,, and Corbin is a New York City native who has dedicated his life to the world of art.

Despite the witty style of prose and tightly crafted paragraphs that make up the story of an art collector throughout the book, the vital component of this work is the color illustration provided throughout. Every other page carries an illustration from Corbin's personal collection, and in the process of reading the book one will find a menagerie of artistic beauty and merit in sequence after sequence with a wide range of styles represented. From the "Waiting for Wives" on page 126 to the progression pieces taking up pages 46 and 47, the illustrative nature of collecting comes to life in the eyes of the reader with a stunning beautiful, intricate diversity.

On the writing side of things, Corbin showcases a wonderful craftsmanship that has earned him a plethora of publications throughout the years. Quick-witted, real, and swimming with everyday observations and conflicts, the narratives throughout the work draw the reader into the world of art through the expression of pains, concerns, joys, and fears experienced in the average life. In this regard, the journal speaks to the non-collector with a voice of reason attempting to highlight the glory of artistic expression in the heart of any human condition or activity.
Spinning tales of intricate detail and gritty realism, Corbin takes readers through a discussion of art in the contemporary world. Whether he is addressing the concerns and showcases of gender issues or the fascination with religion and a particularly interesting take on a particular immaculate conception, his narratives breathe with energy and passion fitting for the environment they belong to.
Within these narratives he addresses the madness that speaks in the chasm between creator and viewer. Whether addressing the multiplicity found in the attempt to define art or the exasperation felt by artists when they hear viewers say 'I don't get it', he finds a way to analyze pressing concerns of average folks attempting to enter the art world, and in so doing, he offers practical advice, simple criticism, and hilarious observations that keep the flow of the journal speeding along through the multitude of beautiful illustrations.

With vigorous wit, experienced criticism techniques, and a smooth flowing narrative throughout, Corbin's journal is a wonderful adventure in the land of collection, and a pleasing story of the contemporary art world. 

ReaderViews.Com review by April Sullivan 6/08

When I saw this book, my thoughts echoed a phrase on the back cover exactly, "Finally, It's Here!"

A book that would explain the ins and outs of art collecting. What type of art should I collect? Who are the up-and-coming new artists? Where do I find the best art? What should I be looking for to make my art collection shine?

In "The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal" I found the answers I needed, without finding the answers to any of these questions. There is no right and wrong when looking at art, you go with what moves you. I should have known that. It was nice to have this book remind me in a subtle, easy manner.

As an artist myself, I was also drawn to this book to find out how others view art. What is an art collector looking for? What does an art collector look like? Where do I find them? Again, I was expecting hard and fast answers. I got a reminder in simplicity. The art collectors are looking for the artists to create from their hearts so that they can buy from their hearts. Art collectors are anyone and everyone. The "Everyday Joe!"

Michael Corbin's "The Art of Everyday Joe" is the second in a series of "Collector's Journals." A writer by profession and lover of art, Michael uses essays on all topics to make the reader realize that art is all around us. In his essays he talks about a varied range of topics such as rudeness, airports and bubblewrap. Some essays are about specific artists or art forms. Others barely mention art at all. But all have the same purpose -- to show us that collecting art is not stuffy and only for the rich.

Cover your walls from floor to ceiling with art from living, working artists. Tear that Picasso image out of that magazine and frame it. Revel in the beauty of the oatmeal box!

In "The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal," author Michael K. Corbin uses images from his art collection to enhance the book and complement the essays. He did a great job of matching art with essays and showed a variety of art styles. It was a pleasure flipping through and looking at the art, and I am sure quite a thrill for the author to show off his art collection to so many people.

Corbin's writing style is simple, sometimes rambling, but always passionate, no matter the topic.

This series is exactly what the art world needs. I expect Michael Corbin to spread the word far and wide.