You’ve seen them.

In fact, you may be one of them. 

They see something or hear something and the next thing you know, out pops their hand-held device, which they hold between their hands just so, with their thumbs prominently positioned and they’re off to the races.

Their thumbs begin thumping, their eyes start popping out of their sockets and their heads get this bopping, springy action that makes them look like silly bobble heads perched on the shelves of any novelty store.

If you look closely, you can almost see their lips moving as their fingers tap away for dear life … and if you listen closely, you can sometimes detect little giggles of self-stimulation best reserved for teeny-bopper, tweeting girls, but now frighteningly adopted by marginally-respectable grown men.

It’s the virtual-electronic equivalent of a sugar-shocked, caffeine-jolted, crack-addicted existence … literally like being caught up in something that’s seemingly way too good and definitely too bad for you.

I know a couple of these people and forget about trying to carry on a conversation with them in mid-tweet.  It ain’t gonna happen.

It’s like they’re singing with dead Amy Winehouse …

 They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, NO! NO! NO!   Yes, it’s THAT bad.

By the way, what do you call a tweet that is pretty much ancient history?  Is it a “Twat?”  I don’t know.

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Bobble Headed Tweeters.  Just so you know … I’m not above it either.  However, I must say, I always think before I tweet. Remember when they used to say, don’t send an email in the heat of anger or you’ll regret it? 

Well, that clearly went out the window when tweeting kicked email to the curb.  People are now having full-blown brawls over nothing on Twitter.  This includes well-seasoned politicians.

Signals are getting crossed, messages are getting misinterpreted and more and more of us are jumping to completely wrong conclusions because we’re allowing technology to replace our humanity.  Furry, fuzzy and friendly little creatures are turning into grimy, mean-spirited gremlins.  In this case, they're not getting ENOUGH bright light. 

This is not Twitter’s fault.  It’s ours.  Far too many of us are pulling the technology down.  Not all of us, but many of us are not living lives of introspection.  We seem to be reveling in becoming these snippy, snarky little chihuahuas that snap at the ankles of strangers who mean us no harm.

I think we’re thisclose to an actual war that gets started by a single tweet.  We should all rue the day.  No doubt it’ll be the result of some emotion-filled, trumped-up, knee-jerk reaction to some trifle that bruised an ego.  Misguided tweeting is the new way to give people the finger.

On the surface, Bobble Headed Tweeters are seemingly comical and endearing, but don’t cross ‘em.  They can do a LOT of damage.

They hardly ever think before they tweet.