I knew something was up when I arrived home to find a big tree limb down on the front lawn.

It was happening. 

I grabbed the giant limb complete with leaves that had touches of God's vibrant brushstrokes and I quickly pulled it to the backyard where here I sit typing on this iPad which itself just got blown over.

This undeniably symphonic twirl of nature's rhapsody has taken hold.  The sun is wildly beaming in my face as the leaves are pirouetting all about and dropping seeds as proof of their existence on this green earth that's quickly becoming a performance in D - for drama - Major.

Can somebody cue Vivaldi?  Fall is going down.  For real.

I knew, just as sure as the wind is blowing, that it would arrive and now, here it is and now, here I am.

It's BRASH, BOLD, BODACIOUS and yes BLUSTERY.  Autumn is here.  Hold onto your hat.

I cannot, I swear I cannot stop writing about this incredible season. Every time it comes, I take to the keyboard.  It's so luscious and magical.  It's serendipitous, just like the flying ant that just landed on my arm, dazed and dazzled like I am, in the thick of it all.

That poor ant didn't last long.  Not even the safe haven of my skin could keep it attached to me.  It landed, I felt it, I looked down and off it flew, not on its own accord, but at the command performance of what Mother Nature is stirring up at the moment.

Leaves are falling all around me and draping my gray patio with this rush of red, yellow and brown with a hint of green fighting for a return to its summer life.

There's nothing I can do.  It's official.  It's here.

Fall is marching in major glory with the true-blue sky smiling above as those big, puffy clouds drift by like white cotton candy across my heaven-tilted gaze. I cannot help but dwell in this fall spell.  How can I not?  There's charm amid this windstorm.  Despite the commotion, it's somehow strangely serene like Sunday.

Autumn makes me feel heroic, up for any challenge.  All I have to do is grab hold of the breeze and let this blustery thing carry me off with the Argonauts. My arms are outstretched, I have a sword in my hand – in my mind anyway - and I'm braver than brave.  This is one of those times when you thank God for your life.

To be here, to bask in this, to live this dream in the palm of nature's benevolent fury is awesome. It rocks.  It spins.  It throws caution to everything.  It's in the wind.

Where's my violin? This is a Vivaldi moment.  It's mixing and stirring and twirling and rushing and racing and spinning and blowing and pushing and pulling and turning the whole thing as we know it upside down and inside out. 

It's a multi-colored rhapsody ... an orchestral happening. I'm tempted to say Mother Nature is having an orgasm, but I won't. In short, the wind is blowing the heck out of everything.

Do yourself a favor.  Don't let these moments pass unnoticed.

Get out there, stand up, stretch out your arms … let the breeze throw you into creative disarray.  You're not in control anyway.  Be the vessel you were meant to be.

Just bask ... and be blown away by what you see, feel and can become.

Let yourself get carried away by nature's dance.  When the winds sweep through, they'll throw you into the best cha cha cha you'll ever do in your life.

Isn't this how it's supposed to be?  It's blustery baby.




Dwell In Fall Spell