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Such a loaded word.

When it comes to Jesus Christ, why do we consider the most important thing we'll ever do in this life ... sacrifice?

Is it because he was THE surreal, sacrificial lamb or because we don't really want to walk a similar, rugged path?

Ease and the smooth life of luxury seem so much more enticing, but that's not our destiny.  Not even billionaires escape unscathed ... perhaps especially not them.  The grass always seems greener.

Our road - if there even is a ROAD - is up, down, twisting and winding, full of bumps, rocks and bricks, sweat and saliva, muck and mud, thunderstorms and tornadoes, gushing blood, torn muscles and broken bones.

No one is untarnished.  That's the choice WE made.  

It's a wet, sloppy, greasy and ultimate mess ... a disaster of monumental proportions.  Disaster of monumental proportions?  Is that redundant?  Hmm.  Despite the fallout, GOD is on cleanup.  HIS grace is the bleach that clears it all away.

Where would we be without grace?  Forever lost.

And still each day, we choose OUR way.  The results speak for themselves.  Open your eyes and look around.  Are you watching the news?  God did not do this.  We did.  Each day seems to be a choice worse than the last.  And yet, we still insist on being defiant … to our own doom.  We're keeping God busy cleaning up our mess.

Sacrifice?  How about relief?  How about happily saying, "Jesus take the wheel!"  The beauty is that we can choose.  We are all free to choose.  Your choice may not be my choice.  Respect nonetheless.

At the end of the day, I say surrender is not sacrifice.  Surrender is deciding to choose light, life and joy.  Surrender is beautiful.  It’s a joyful move that grows from wisdom.  Our way is never the high road.  HIS way opens possibilities that stretch into eternity.  Go ahead.  Give it up.  Surrender.  I highly recommend it.  Not preaching, but I'm just sayin'.  You will NOT regret it.

Sacrifice.  Really?  This is no sacrifice.  It's beautiful surrender.  It's choosing the road to eternity ...




Imitation of Christ


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