If this statement doesn’t reassure you, I don’t know what will.

It’s in one of the Psalmest of Psalms, Psalm 46.

Can God be any clearer than this?


Isn’t this the statement for all times? I mean, it seems to me that this command has become even more relevant now than when God first said it. However, I wasn’t alive back then, so I won’t be so bold.


It is authoritative. It is definitive. It is the period on the end of every single sentence. It is a home run. It is a high five. It is a slam dunk. It shuts everything down. It gives you life.


Let’s break it down … in a pop culture kind of way.

“Be still.”

I am convinced that when God tells us to “be still,” he isn’t necessarily saying, “do nothing.” He wants us to always do our part.

I think what he means here is “relax,” “calm down,” “chill,” “get a grip,” “get a hold of yourself,” “have a seat,” “stop freaking out,” “stop worrying needlessly,” “Don’t let Satan trick you!”

I once heard a sermon in which Minister Tony Evans cited research that claims that 80% of the things we worry about happening never actually materialize.

And so, could this be one of the many reasons why God says, “Be still”?


Okay, now let’s look at …

“And know that…”

I think what God is doing here is bringing us back to gospel truth. By saying, “And know that…” He is commanding us to have unshakable faith – especially in the face of whatever we’re facing. Notice that he’s not saying, “And think that…” or “And guess that…” or even “And believe that…” He’s saying …

“And KNOW that…” He is commanding and demanding our faith in Him. He wants us to relax into our faith. Faith is the opposite of freaking out. Just relax.

Now, time for the crescendo.


This is the slam dunk part. This is where God shuts it down. What God is saying here is, “I am GOD. Not YOU.”

I believe He is reminding us that HE is the maker, shaper and sustainer of ALL CREATION. He is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-present. Everything is beneath Him. Nothing is outside of or beyond His control. He is bigger than anything and everything we could possibly face. Ever.

God controls every single beat of our hearts. He controls every breath that goes in and out of our lungs. He has placed every blood cell in our bodies and each strand of hair on our heads.

God moves the winds and knows exactly how many drops of water are in every ocean, sea, lake, river, stream and pond on earth and beyond. God made the universe and all universes that we have yet to discover.

Life on Mars? That’s God’s business. We’re not ready. We can’t even get life on earth straight.

God is real. God is loving. God is the ultimate authority of everything that ever has or will exist. He made it all and controls it all. Anyone or anything else that attempts to be or claims to be God is a pretender to the throne.

Thank the Lord for that.

When God says, “I AM GOD,” I believe he’s saying something like, “Dude, what are you doing? Don’t you know I GOT THIS? Relax!”

Calm down! Where is your faith? I GOT THIS!

I don't know about you, but this statement rings so true for me not only because of its raw power, but also because it has been a consistent reminder throughout my life. 

As I look back at all my struggles, I can honestly say that the common chord or lesson that clearly runs through all of them is this …


Every single barrier ... every single challenge ... every single problem ... every single conflict ... every single setback has been and will probably continue to carry that ridiculously simple lesson. 

In every single circumstance - bad or even good - Jesus Christ has been right there, intervening on my behalf.

And so … will I hold onto faith or fear today?

God has always had my back BIG TIME and yet, there are still times when I get all frazzled or jittery or have sleepless nights about yet something else - knowing full well that God is in control of absolutely everything. It seems to be the simplest, yet hardest lesson for us to learn.

Needless to say, I could give you example after example after example, but I'm sure you've got plenty of your own. No? 

All I have to do is do my part, plant the seeds and God's grace more than makes up for the rest. In fact, He actually gives me the strength to do even my part. He’s controlling my heartbeat. So, He’s really doing everything when you think about it.

There's no need for us to always get all jittery, nervous and worrisome. There's no need to pace back and forth. There's no need to wring your hands or bite your fingernails or shake your head in horror.

There’s no need to let your heart – and mind - go racing 100-miles an hour. There’s no need to point fingers of blame or get into arguments with complete strangers on the street or make hasty, ill-advised decisions that only make matters far worse.  

As always and without fail, God is standing right there next to you saying ... 


That’s the Lord’s way of saying …

Relax! Calm down! Have several seats! I GOT THIS!


That's my Psalm and I'm stickin' to it.