Here’s a very humble observation.

I notice a LOT of artists posting the works of OTHER artists on their social media pages.  It’s fantastic to see how artists are trying to support one another.

But here’s the BIG problem this creates.

If you’re interested in selling YOUR work, it’s best that you only post YOUR work on YOUR profile pages.  I don’t make the rules, but you know I’m a hardcore art person and yet this practice constantly confuses me.  If I’m visiting artist Joseph Kucinski’s page (for example), I expect to see Joseph’s work and NOT artist Karen Sperling’s work … and vice versa.

All I do is look at art, so if I’m confused, other people – potential buyers - MIGHT be confused as well. Even if the works are clearly labeled as someone else’s, you’re still creating yet another barrier between yourself and potential buyers. 

Don’t block the blessing by keeping people guessing.

You’re NOT being selfish by posting only your work on your pages. If your artist friend doesn’t have a page or website of their own, perhaps you can provide them some advice or help in that area.

Finally, many of us know the work of Picasso or Warhol when we see it.  These guys have done quite well for themselves and even in death continue to pack houses.  Believe me, they don’t need you to promote them on YOUR pages.

If you focus on promoting just yourself – for the time being – THAT should keep you busy enough.  The most effective way that individual artists can promote contemporary art and public art education – given the lack of it - is by promoting themselves! 

Does that sound selfish to you?