((Excerpt from, "Art In King Size Beds: A Collector's Journal"))

I'm sitting at my desk in my den looking out the window. What I'm seeing is inspiring me to write what you're reading.

The scene is wondrous. Snow is floating elegantly through the air on a downward slope. It's dancing on tree limbs and frolicking its way to the ground where it's hugging its melting destiny.

It's a winter inspiration of white.

Isn't nature great? Whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, it speaks to us. Surely, nature is one of the things that motivates artists to create great work. Yet, I think it's also what inspires collectors.

Webster's Dictionary defines inspiration as, "a sudden urge to write poems, compose music, etc. A sudden good idea."

Just think. Everything that exists is really the result of inspiration. A novel, a symphony, the Mona Lisa, a baby, a neatly made bed, the entire world! It all began when God said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"  The greatest artist of all created the greatest work of all. 

Inspiration comes from that same creative energy. It flows around and through us, sometimes easily, other times, more difficult. Yes, it's always there. We just have to look, be open and not judge.

I think inspiration is what causes me to want to buy a painting. It's not about whether it's good or bad. It's about feeling a connection with the piece.  I get a sudden urge to possess it. For me, visting a museum, art gallery or art website is a marriage of bliss and torture. I want practically everything I see, but cannot afford. I think that art galleries are really orphanages. Art waiting for someone to adopt it and bring it to a loving home. Also, it doesn't matter if I'm in a gallery alone or with lots of people. Looking at art is ultimately a solitary experience. It's an emotional, intellectual and spiritual communion with the piece. It becomes a fleeting relationship that is nonetheless, destiny.

Here's the real irony. Whatever inspired an artist to paint may not be what inspired me to buy the piece. It's strange. We all bring our own perceptions and experiences along when we view art. The artist paints and sees one thing, I see another and you may see something else. And you know what? That's fine. It's called inspiration and it comes in many different forms.

Inspiration rocks!  It makes dreams and mere vision reality.  When inspiration takes hold, hold on!  Art is not far behind.  In fact, art is inspiration.  It's everywhere.  Travel and you will see.  Inspiration like art, can fit any person in any place at any time, but not all in the same way.  Because we're all different, inspiration hits us in unique ways.  We're inspired by different things ... and at different times ... from season to season.

My inspiration may be a winter wonderland captured in words.  Yours may be a summertime barbecue caught on canvas.  Whatever the reason or season, there's always a masterpiece just a brushstroke away from creation.  If nothing else, like the blanketing snow beyond my window ... it will be inspired.