I love it when artists take things into their own hands.

No, this time I’m not talking about creating art. This time, I mean really “going for it.”  That’s what British photographer Anthony Jones is doing.

Anthony saw that his new, home town of Kent didn’t have an art fair that spotlights the talents of photo artists, so what did he do?  He started one and he’s calling it, “Kent Photo Fair.”  Here’s our quick chat…

MICHAEL: So Anthony, how did Kent Photo Fair come about?

ANTHONY: I moved to Dartford (east of London, on the Thames estuary) just over a year ago and met the General Manager of a local hotel at a networking event. He was keen to help local business to make use of the hotel and I to promote my love of photography. It's our inaugural event and takes the table top format. We're testing things but are hopeful for the future.

MICHAEL: When and where will it happen and what's the overall goal of the fair?  

ANTHONY: December 5, 2016 at Campanile Hotel in Dartford, Kent. It’s to promote photography, offering individual photographers and commercial art galleries too the opportunity to show the public in Kent what they've been missing.

MICHAEL: Why yet another photo art fair?  Does the world really need another one?  What will be different about the Kent Photo Fair?

ANTHONY: There are photography fairs in London, Paris and New York, but not in Kent. The people of Kent deserve to be exposed to great photography. The fact there are a growing number of photography fairs is proof that the public (in the UK) have finally woken up to the idea that photography matters.

There you have it.  Anthony Jones took matters into his own hands and is making a brand new art fair happen.