Alfredo Ezquerra is an artist who is from Spain, but currently resides in London.  His photography is truly poignant and has an elegant and solitary quality Check it out for yourself, but first read on and find out what inspires him.

MICHAEL: Hello Alfredo, Your work is exquisite. It seems to be very romantic and I see that you are very much in love with life. No?

ALFREDO: Thanks for your nice comment about my work.  I only try to show the point of view of my life. Definitely, I am in love with life, family, friends and everything that is part of my life. I try to learn of everything in my life and I want to see the wonderful part of it. I don’t know if I could say that my work seems very romantic.  I think I could say that it’s very solitary and I try to get the best from even the simple things.

MICHAEL: When you take photographs, are you telling us a story or are they just photos of nice things? What are you capturing?

ALFREDO: Nowadays, it is easy to take nice pictures with the amazing technology, great cameras and very expensive lenses, but I think it is more difficult if you want to tell a story in a simple shoot. That is what I try to do every time I take a picture. Every moment can be seeing with different perspective and I try to get the pure essence of that. My pictures show the way that I see my life and you can see in them my feelings every time. Every picture is a different story to be read and I don’t hesitate to go into my pictures to experiment with new feelings.

MICHAEL: Do you use digital or film? Also, do you use Photoshop? What are the advantages of each?

ALFREDO: I am from the school of the new technologies so 100% digital, but I would like to have time to study and know more about film. I know that I can learn many things about film that I can use in the digital format. I use another program called Lightroom. It is from the same company as Adobe, but you can file all the pictures better and it is easier to use because I don’t usually edit a lot my pictures so this program is much easier for me. I only use it to edit my pictures with the basic effects like temperature, contrast, saturation and a few more things. For me, this program is amazing and makes my work easier.

MICHAEL: When did you first become a photographer? Do you come from a family of artists?

ALFREDO: Photography has been something very important since I was a child, but it was three years ago when I came to London and I really thought to become a photographer. This city gives me the inspiration to be myself and I can take the pictures that I want. As far as I know, I have never heard about any of my family being artists before, so I could say that I am the first and I am very proud about it.

MICHAEL: Thanks Alfredo.  This has been great.

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