We all know the adage.  It goes somewhat like this …

If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I'm not writing this to get into some non-ending, dog chasing tail, philosophical chatfest.  That's not the point here, but let me quickly answer the question.

The answer is … Yes.  Of course the tree makes a sound, BUT … no one cares, not because they wouldn't care, but because they weren't in the vicinity of the tree at the time.  Perhaps caring people would try to replant the tree or chop it up for firewood or whatever.

But here's the main point of this …

The same can be said for art.  If artists work day in and day out to create their masterworks and they never let anyone know about or see what they're doing, are they making an impact?

The answer is … (insert drum roll here) NO.  Like the tree falling in the forest, you ARE creating ripples in the environment and that's a good thing, BUT no one HEARS you.  No one SEES the work. 

You must make some NOISE.  You must PROMOTE YOUR WORK.  I'm still hearing so many artists say things like, “Oh, well, I'll just let my work speak for me.”

Oh really?  How's that working out for you?

That fallen tree will eventually be found out.  But there's a huge difference between trees and artists.  Artists can TALK.  Trees cannot.

If that fallen tree could talk, guess what it would say?


Yes, it would yell its case to the heavens above.  Let's call it, "fighting for your life through self-promotion."



Promote Your Work In 2014