2015 marks the 4th anniversary of the Super Hot Artists List.

You would think that by now, compiling this list has grown easier.  Not!  While I've adopted a routine and technique, it still comes down to talent, professionalism of the artists, my conversations with them and my eyes, which I've trained after many years of looking at art nearly every day.  I never get tired of looking at art or talking with willing and gifted artists.  It's a blast.

Believe me when I say this.  I know instantly - within three seconds of seeing their work - whether or not I need and want to interview an artist.  It's always an absolute and overwhelming "Yes."  My eyes and my gut work together. 

So, what does being on this list mean?  For me, it means that someone actually took the time to seek out these gifted artists, have in-depth conversations with them about their work and lives and promote them out of nothing but pure passion for contemporary art.  Interviewing the artists and compiling this list is not for the lazy or faint of heart.  You must be ALL IN.  It also means that the artists themselves have this great, resume-building opportunity.  Ultimately, it means that together, we are advancing and deepening the dialogue for contemporary art in addition to expanding its audience.

I want people to know these artists.  Artists have so FEW people who are on their side.  So many people want to take advantage of them and make money off of them.  That's not right. 

While I select each artist on their own merit, I also subconsciously, I think, weigh the artists according to past talents I've interviewed.  A good artist is nice, but ArtBookGuy is seeking great artists who are engaging, inspiring and simply "kick ass" when it comes to their work.  That's "Super Hot."

At the end of the day, contemporary art remains a very subjective thing, No?  However, there's no denying that the artists on this non-competitive list are indeed "Super Hot."  And here's the best thing of all ...

They're only gonna get better.  Watch out!  Here they are.  Click on their names, read our interviews and visit their websites...